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From CNN to Dodgers Stadium, Psy is on a Roll!
8/21/2012 9:06 AM sevenluckyminutes Views 1892
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PSY made a surprising appearance at LA Dodgers' Stadium on August 20. 

CNN was first to report on Psy's Music Video calling it the "best music video of the year." Since then the video has received over 44 whooping million views on YouTube. It didn't stop there, celebrities like T-Pain and Josh Groban showed interest in Psy's music and some of the most well known music artists like Justin Bieber and Nelly Furtado has taken the front seat in riding the fame-train. 

At the MLB game between LA Dodgers and SF Giants held at the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles on August 20th, Psy's latest hit "Gangnam Style" was played during the intermission after the 5th inning. 

The excited crowd started doing Psy's signature 'Lasso dance' -Horse Dance- once they were caught on the Stadium's "Dance Cam." Once the camera panned over to Psy, he gave a shy wave and without much hesitation, got up and gave everyone a quick demonstration of the Gangnam style moves. 

Psy is currently in US, to discuss a future collaboration with Justin Bieber, who also rose to fame through the popular website YouTube. 

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